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Career guidance

Upon completing a degree in Commerce in University College Dublin, Mark moved to Sydney Australia to work in Investment Banking. After 18 months of enjoying neither the work nor the banking culture, he accepted a job in Google. The stark contrasts between these environments made Mark begin to recognize the many layers that form a ‘good fit’ between a professional and their role/employer, and inspired in Mark a passion for helping others find that fit.

Now back in Dublin and working full time in a small tech company, Mark is the only guidance counsellor in Ireland who actually works in today’s working world, outside of academics. As a result, his approach to career guidance is less academic and much more practical, often speaking from direct experience. He has just been through – and is still going through – all of the challenges that face a young person as they transition to the working world. That is unique in a Guidance Counselor.

Mark’s sessions see the student go through several exercises, forcing new levels of introspection and being empowered to make their own decision on what direction they will take with their lives. Throughout this, Mark challenges them and sets out a clear, step by step path to achieving their goals.

Any student will walk away from this feeling encouraged and motivated to tackle the next chapter in their life, equipped with the game plan to do so.

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What makes Mark different

Very open and frank conversation, based on Marks own experience and not just textbook guidance

For me it was the motivation and reassurance you gave me and Jack. You made it seem like succeeding was possible event at this stage.  As Jack has missed a lot of school through illness, this was important. I loved the location of your offices.

Mark made me feel like as if I could accomplish anything in life and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a strong sense of self belief as I did leaving the meeting with Mark. I’m extremely grateful for the experience. Thank you.

For ourselves it helped Gary to better understand what we had been saying with regard to the necessity of completing college, from someone younger who has been through the process recently. Your suggestion of Gary undertaking a business degree was not even a consideration for him prior to our meeting, so thank you for that.

Very worthwhile. The experience was very informative (he is clearly knowledgeable and so I trusted his advice), and Mark was straight talking. Most importantly it gave me a clear vision/direction and something tangible to work towards in the short term.

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What is the price for a Career Guidance Session?

€100 for one hour.

What makes this different to more Guidance Counsellors?

Most guidance counsellors are 50+ years old and are more academic than practical – they do not work in the professional world, they haven’t even heard of the courses you want to do or the tech companies you want to work for, and they are psychometric-test driven. Read more about Mark here.

What is the Sudden Death Strategy?
After suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in 2011 at the age of 18, Mark lives with Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Naturally, this has filled him with an insatiable drive to get the most out of life and out of himself while living it. This drive is central to his engaging and inspiring nature as a guidance counsellor and is what has every student bounding out the door with a freshly charged motivation and direction.