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Mark’s story is that of a young man who learned, very early on, the fragility and value of life and good health. It is a story of trying, failing and succeeding to find a passion and a purpose in today’s world, while also building a career in the corporate. It is a story that, while extreme in it’s own right, can be related to by millions of professionals – young and old – searching for the same thing.

Mark tells his story with a combination of emotional gravity and humour, and leaves the audience looking inside themselves and seeing more than they ever thought was there. This can be done in traditional ‘Speaker’ format, or in a more interactive workshop. Audience sized vary and are very flexible.

Talks come in the form of traditional ‘Motivational Speaker’ format, or interactive workshops with graduates to mid-level employees.

What makes Mark different

Very open and frank conversation, based on Marks own experience and not just textbook guidance

For me it was the motivation and reassurance you gave me and Jack. You made it seem like succeeding was possible event at this stage.  As Jack has missed a lot of school through illness, this was important. I loved the location of your offices.

Mark made me feel like as if I could accomplish anything in life and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a strong sense of self belief as I did leaving the meeting with Mark. I’m extremely grateful for the experience. Thank you.

For ourselves it helped Gary to better understand what we had been saying with regard to the necessity of completing college, from someone younger who has been through the process recently. Your suggestion of Gary undertaking a business degree was not even a consideration for him prior to our meeting, so thank you for that.

Very worthwhile. The experience was very informative (he is clearly knowledgeable and so I trusted his advice), and Mark was straight talking. Most importantly it gave me a clear vision/direction and something tangible to work towards in the short term.

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