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Death, My Guidance Counsellor

‘Death, My Guidance Counsellor’ is a book written for anyone living in their twenties today, regardless of whether they are studying, working, travelling or just living.

The book chronicles Mark’s own journey through his twenties so far, detailing his own search for direction in life, the effect that living with Sudden Death Syndrome had on that search.

From career to adventure and day to day behaviour, the book addresses the unique challenges facing young people today in finding a suitable career, finding a purpose, and trying to achieve a consistent fulfilment early on that they can enjoy for good.

Practical in its use of exercises, thought-provoking in its philosophical theories and enjoyable in its relatable and close-to-home anecdotes, this is the book that students, graduates early professionals alike have been waiting for to help guide them toward the life that was meant for them.

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